Landscape Management


We at Landscape Baton Rouge believe that every property we service should be beautiful, stand out, and save the homeowner from stressing over the management of their outdoor living areas. To accomplish this, we offer a wide range of landscape management services. We would love to develop a custom landscape management plan for your property.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has a unique climate. It has a plant hardiness rating of 8B to 9A by the United States Department of Agriculture. This is considered subtropical, and if you have ever taken a walk outside in July, you know how hot it can be with the heat and the humidity.


Some outdoor chores are fun and good exercise like gardening; other chores like mowing the grass and pruning shrubs can be too much for a homeowner to handle. If your lawn and landscaping is getting out of hand, we can help. We love cleanups, lawn maintenance, and complete landscape renovations.

You don’t have to tolerate weeds in your landscaping. Our organic-based lawn care program helps control weeds before they germinate, improves the soil ecosystem in your lawn, and helps your grass look rich and green instead of drying out in the scorching summer heat.

We offer professional mowing services for both residential and commercial properties. We guarantee that your mowing services will be performed to a high level of quality by well-trained staff. Our maintenance technicians undergo comprehensive written and hands-on training before they ever touch your property.

Hurricane season and harsh summer storms have the potential to leave your lawn and landscaping a huge mess. We are licensed and can help with after-the-storm cleanup. The Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors and state law warn that “a contractor must be licensed or registered to bid and/or perform work in the state of Louisiana!” (LSLBC) We will also work with your insurance company to get your landscaping back in shape.