Lawn Mowing Service


At Landscape Baton Rouge we believe in the beauty and simplicity of evenly mown grass, neat edging, clean sidewalks, and well-maintained beds. We offer comprehensive Landscape Management Plans because keeping your lawn and landscape in shape and beautiful requires regular, specific care. Our LMPs are customized to your property and designed to help you balance your outdoor needs with your budget. Sometimes you just need the grass cut. We can help with that too. We also offer basic lawn mowing service with no contract.

Landscape Baton Rouge is a locally owned and operated service company that can work on your lawn regardless of its size.

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Our lawn maintenance technicians undergo comprehensive written and hands-on training in equipment use and horticultural practices before they ever touch your property. We guarantee that your lawn mowing services will be performed to a high level of quality by well-trained staff.

With our specialized lawn mowing equipment and knowledge of the proper techniques for mowing lawns, we’re qualified to give you high-quality service. By letting us give you a hand with this tedious and exacting chore, you can devote your own time to more interesting matters. Rest assured that we’ll pay careful attention to every part of your lawn so that we don’t overlook any section of it.

Get a Great Lawn Service

We think a great lawn service is one where you get to enjoy your outdoor living areas without having to do the work. Get your weekends back without the burden of outdoor chores or your lawn guy forgetting to show up. We solve your biggest pain points by embracing technology for scheduling, routing, and invoicing.

You will never miss a lawn mowing visit because someone forgot to put you on the list! We use software built for the green industry to make sure that your services are completed when they are scheduled! Every visit, every week!

Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking to increase efficiency between jobs (this means less overhead, which translates into better prices for you!)

If Baton Rouge has a weather event so that servicing your yard is impossible, you will not be charged! Invoices generate after an LBR foreman completes a 12-point checklist and marks your lawn mowing service as complete!

If you’re looking for a proficient lawn mower in the Baton Rouge area, then Landscape Baton Rouge should be at the top of your list. Contact us today to find out more about our service and pricing. We’re available Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4 pm. In most cases, we can give you a quote right over the phone!