Leaf Removal


Many people look forward to the fall season in Baton Rouge, LA. And at Landscape Baton Rouge, LLC, we agree that there’s just something about those vibrant leaves and colors that makes this time of the year so special. But unfortunately, those pretty leaves don’t tend to look nearly as majestic when they start to fall and clutter up your lawn. And to make matters worse, clearing your lawn can be more difficult and time-consuming than you’d think. So if you’d rather be able to sit back and enjoy the fall season without having to worry about leaf removal, turn to our team for help.


Our leaf removal services are designed to quickly and efficiently rid your residential or commercial property in Baton Rouge, LA of unwanted leaves. Our landscaping team has the tools and equipment to eliminate fallen leaves so that you don’t have to spend hours raking or struggling with your unwieldy leaf blower. And because we value our clients, we make it our business to keep our rates affordable, no matter the season.

Make your fall cleanup easier this year with our leaf removal services. Call today for more information or to schedule your appointment.


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[slide title=”” image=”http://www.landscapebr.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/447120_0-e1470935511429.png” active=”active”]Several Inches of Leaves Have Covered This Lawn[/slide]
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